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Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer
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Plus: We ship this ionizer with a FREE upgrade - the patent pending UltraWater filter.
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The AlkaViva Venus Water Ionizer

No Dishonest Discounting on Inflated Prices - Guaranteed !

This latest addition to the IonLife family comes with all the features that one would look for in an above counter water ionizer.
Easy to use touch screen technology plus performance and durability that will not be beaten in any other brand ionizer. Period.

User Controls:

Emco Tech has been able to keep the footprint of the Venus to about the size of a toaster by improving the efficiency of the ionization chamber without having to increase the size or voltage. With the Emco Tech Venus you also get the latest in touch screen technology in a sleek Westernized design.

The new design control panel is membrane sealed making it very easy to clean and a change of setting just requires a gentle touch of a finger.

Jupiter Science Venus alkaline water ionizer

a - Shows the different alkaline or acid levels

b - Indicator of remaining filter life. When last bar turns red it is time to order a new filter

c - Alkaline Water Indicator - lights up when alkaline water is selected

d - Acid Water Indicator - lights up when acid water is selected. A tune will always play when acid is selected or when your Venus is in clean mode

e - Filtered Water Indicator - lights up when filtered water is selected (filtered is clean but neither more acidic nor alkaline)

f - Press this button for filtered water to come out the flexible drinking water hose

g - Press this button for acidic water to come out the flexible drinking water hose

h - Press this button for alkaline water to come out the flexible drinking water hose

i - Turns the sounds on and off. Volume level can also be adjusted

j - Lights up when units is self cleaning - auto clean for 10 seconds every 20 liters

k - When this lights up unit needs to be serviced

Electrolysis Chamber (or Ionization Plates/Cells)

The chamber is the heart of all water ionizers. The cells in the chamber of the Emco Tech Venus are manufactured in Japan to the same high standards of all our ionizers. Our exclusive manufacturer, Emco Tech has been manufacturing water ionizers since 1982 and is the company of choice for "ionization ability".

This high level of efficiency based on years of research mean that the Venus can operate very efficiently on only one clean cycle of 10 seconds per every 20 liters.

Flow Control Knob

This special feature has been, until now, only available on much more expensive ionizers. This enables you to easily control the flow of water into your ionizer which in turn affects the strength of the alkaline water and -ORP. The slower the water flow the more time the water has to be altered by the ionization process. However, that been said, you will find that in almost all cases there will not often be a reason why you would need to slow the flow down due to the exceptional strength of the Venus`s ionization chamber. The control knob will prove very useful in helping to fine tune your preferred pH level so that you get the exact same pH level every time you use your Venus from IonLife

Biostone Filter

The Emco Tech Venus comes with the new UltraWater filter available in other top AlkaViva (IonWays) models. This is the finest filter available in the USA for water ionization and has proven to be very effective at removing 99.9% of virtually all water contaminants. Allows for a generous 1000 gallons of water treatment at a non-inflated price. All replacement filters are made in the USA to NSF specifications and come with government-certified laboratory testing..

You can also upgrade to a .01M Ultra Biostone filer, which is a good choice if on well water (subject to having water tested). Replacing your filter is done in seconds and is literally a snap.

Can be Converted to Undersink Ionizer!

For more details please visit >>> This Page. With the purchase of the undersink kit for $199.00 you are able to have your Venus easily insatalled below the counter. The dedicated faucet above the counter comes in five different color choices and has two separaate spouts - one for the alkaline water and one for the acid water.

Venus water ionizer specs

Purchase Filters for Venus

Choose the Biostone filter that's right for you:
delphi filter
UltraWater Venus Filter
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biostone delphi
.1M Venus Filter
old model
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biostone delphi
.01M Venu sUltra
Order Now
What's the difference?
While the UltraWater filter is usually all the filtering you would need for typical city-supplied municipal tap water, for those who have well-water, with live bacteria and compounds not usually associated with municipally treated water, you will probably want the extra capability of the .01M (1/100th of a micron) ultra filter. This is the same filtering capacity as a typical kidney dialysis machine (woah!). The choice is yours... but, there's no need to buy a .01M filter unless you really need that extra filtering capability for micro-organisms.
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