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Jupiter Melody JP 104


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Plus: We ship this ionizer with a FREE upgrade - the patent pending UltraWater filter.
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AlkaViva JP104 Melody Alkalizing Water Ionizer

No Dishonest Discounting on Inflated Prices - Guaranteed !

*Also Available with an Optional Undersink Conversion Kit - See Here

Jupiter Melody

Want the very best value and most popular ionizer in the world?

Emco Tech has been the supplier of choice for major companies such as Toyo, Hyundai, LG and Samsung since the 1980s plus they manufacturer their own cells in Japan - unlike many other brands that use cells imported from China etc. Emco Tech could easily make ionizers with large plates that require high voltage but they know from research that once you increase voltage towards 200+ watts you will dramatically reduce the life of the plates. This is true no matter how well the plates are made.

That is why Emco Tech has focused on improving efficiency instead of just using more power and plates. This is also why Emco Tech ionizers with only 5 plates will outperform ionizers that use up to 600 watts and 11 plates
See results when the Melody 5 plate is tested with other brands in independent laboratory tests.

In making your choice please remember that less power creates less heat and less heat means longer life to all the electronic components inside your ionizer.

The Melody is simply a better performing and easier to use model than any other competitor's brand - regardless of price.
No other brand can boast of such proven reliability or such a solid, consistent range of pH and ionization.

No other brand offers the technology to keep the ionization plates free from calcium buildup year after year or a cleaning system that works invisibly in the background (meaning you never have to wait while your unit cleans).

And no other above-counter model also offers a patented undersink conversion option (with a range of faucet colors) and the choice to simply connect to your faucet or directly through the counter to your cold water line.

No wonder the AlkaViva/ Emco Tech Melody is sold by more dealers in the USA and worldwide than any other model.
For a large size image of the Melody water ionizer Here
For an independent laboratory report on the Melody ... Here
Here for details of the optional undersink conversion kit.
And Here for a complete line-up of IonLife water ionizers.

Melody water ionizer specs

Purchase Filters for Melody

Choose the Biostone filter that's right for you:
delphi filter
UltraWater Delphi Filter
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biostone delphi
.1M Delphi Filter
old model
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biostone delphi
.01M Delphi Ultra
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What's the difference?
While the BioStone Plus filter is usually all the filtering you would need for typical city-supplied municipal tap water, for those who have well-water, with live bacteria and compounds not usually associated with municipally treated water, you will probably want the extra filtering capability of the .01M (1/100th of a micron) ultra filter. This is the same filtering capacity as a typical kidney dialysis machine (woah!). The choice is yours... but, there's no need to spend the extra money unless you really need that extra filtering capability.
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