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AlkaViva Warranty

AlkaViva water ionizer lifetime warrantyAlkaViva offers a limited LIFE TIME warranty on all our Emco Tech (Jupiter Science) ionizer models. This policy applies to Emco Tech ionizers purchased after September 2009.

AlkaViva decided on this world-first offer in support of our claim that Emco Tech models are exceptionally reliable and made to last for many, many years.

The AlkaViva warranty provides five (5) years parts and labor, from purchase date.

Then after 5 years from purchase customer pays for labor while AlkaViva pays for all replacement parts.

After 5 years from purchase there is also a guaranteed maximum of $199 on the most expensive warranty repair.
Better Business Bureau seal This warranty does not cover repairs caused by customer neglect or by failure to stop the build-up of calcium in hard water areas.

AlkaViva has repair depots on the east and west coast and in Canada and has by far the largest, water ionizer, dealer network in the USA.

Emco Tech ionizers are manufactured by the largest ionizer company in the world and AlkaViva is their largest supplier.

For AlkaViva`s Satisfaction Policy Click Here

To see how AlkaViva stands behind the products they sell - click on the Better Business Bureau logo to the right and read the BBB report.

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