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IonWays UltraWater ionizer filter

UltraWater water ionizer filter
** The Ultimate Water Ionizer Filters**

Ultrawater usa made filter Insist on CLEAN water for your ionizer
Certified Test Results from EPA/ NELAP laboratory

Test Results Here

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UltraWater has raised the bar on the water filtration industry with 99.9% reduction of an exhaustive list of the toughest to remove contaminants. All IonLife water ionizers come with UltraWater filters ... Why settle for less?

     Uncompromising filtration results. Safety you can count on. water filter test results


Only domestic filter to remove lead, arsenic, fluoride, and other harmful contaminants to 99.9%.

Only water ionizer filter to be tested in an US EPA / NELAP Certified Independent Laboratory to government standards.

Only water ionizer filter created using WQA certified water specialists, engineers and doctors.

Create an income stream by helping others enjoy clean AND healthy water.

100% chemical free, all-natural and sustainable media.

Reduce plastic waste by up to 95%.

Say NO to bottled water forever.

Take back your tap!
See Test Results Here

Cleaner     Greener     Healthier     Smarter

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