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"All crystals were gone and platelets had reduced to completely normal size and number."

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A Naturopath`s Experience with Ionized water and dark Field Microscopy

Sue Pollock is the principal of Ballina Naturopathy and an IonLife water user. This is a letter we received from her.

A Man in his late 40s presented to my clinic with chronic headaches. Had been seeing his doctor and chiropractor with no changes in his symptoms. On Live Blood examination using a microscope we found he had lots of chemical and uric acid crystals (works on a farm).

After discussing his water source (rain water with chemical drift), he decided it could be beneficial to purchase and use the ionized water from a Jupiter System. I normally check the blood after 3 mths, but in this case, because I referred him back to a GP, we wanted to look at his blood before the visit, only eight days after the initial examination and only four days after being on the water.

I did not expect to see much change, as normally the supplements take a few months to show radical improvement, but hoped to see a slight shift to show we were on the right track.

Well, we were both amazed, as his blood looked great. All crystals were gone and platelets had reduced to completely normal size and number. He also said that since drinking the alkaline water he had more energy and he`d only had one headache which was before he started the water. (He was having major headaches every second day and dull headaches the other days). He feels the results were to do with drinking the water and I tend to agree as the supplements as great as they are don`t usually work that fast. I am glad I`m drinking the water too."

Sue Pollock

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