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Alkaline Drops

Please Note: We no longer sell Alkalife. Instead we now recommend the larger and more stable 4 oz bottle of AMC Alkaline Drops.
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Alkalife from Sang Whang

Enjoy Alkalife Alkaline Water
When traveling, at restaurants and if a water ionzer is not available

Following a visit by Sang Whang,Author, Engineer, Scientist and Inventor of the patented formula Alkalife ®, we have been appointed official USA regional distributors.

For more on Sang Whang we highly recommend his now famous book "Reverse Aging". With over 60,000 copies in print, it is regarded as the original scientific thesis of the new theory of aging.

Sang Whang Alkalife® is an Alkaline Concentrate.
Two drops in a glass of drinking water changes the water into alkaline water.

Many have reported health improvements simply by drinking alkaline water each day. The Japanese have been enjoying the benefits of alkaline water for over forty years.

In a series of blind tests carried out during product development, Mr Sang Whang evolved the present day formula, which is patented and unlike any purportedly similar product on the market. It contains a special ratio of mineral ingredients to naturally help eliminate acid wastes without creating any negative side effects.

One bottle has approximately 600 drops, which equates to two month`s use.

Alkaline water made using Alkalife® has been tested non-toxic according to FDA approved toxicity tests - by FDA and DEA registered independent laboratories.

Product Features

AlkaLife is a patented alkaline concentrate. Mixing 2 drops of AlkaLife solution in an 8-oz. glass of water loads ordinary drinking water with powerful OH- alkaline ions. A 1.2 oz. bottle can be carried conveniently in a pocket or purse. In order to get the health benefits, one should drink 5 glasses of high pH alkaline water a day, distributed as evenly as possible. By carrying an AlkaLife® bottle around, one can drink alkaline water anytime and anywhere.

Product Benefits

The foods that we eat give us energy by oxidizing (being burned up to release nutrients). These wastes are predominantly acidic.

Since our body cannot get rid of all the wastes it produces, this waste get accumulated somewhere in our body. This accumulation of non-disposed acidic wastes is what causes aging. Some examples of solidified acidic wastes are cholesterol, fatty acid, uric acid kidney stone, urates, sulfates, and phosphates.

A simple, effective and readily available way to help neutralize and get these wastes out of your body may be to drink alkaline water.
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1 bottle: $29.95
Special Offer: Alkaline Water DVD free with purchase of Alkalife if requested at time of purchase.

order DVD with Sang Whang talking about Alkaline Water.
Easy to follow yet very informative one hour talk with questions and answers from audience. Discover why Alkaline water works. Why alkaline water can be of such wide ranging benefit, and why alkaline water has helped so many people with so many ailments.
An amazing and life-changing talk! $9.95

order Order Sang Whang`s book, "Reverse Aging" $14.95
First publishes in 1991 with now over 75,000 copies in print.

pH Chart Acid/ Alkaline pH Food Chart $15.00
Ideal easy reference kitchen companion.

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