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IonLife Health Library

Welcome to our Health Library. We have created and collected information relating to the health and wellness benefits from drinking alkaline ionized water.
These include:
* the applications and usage of both alkaline and acidic water
* the ionization process and properties of water
* personal testimonials
* the latest water and health news
* educational videos and so much more.

Our hope is you are able to better understand how alkaline ionized water can impact your life and lives of your loved ones in a very positive and healthy way. AlkaViva wants to change the way you feel about water!


IonLife is passionate about bringing you the best quality products at fair value and letting you know about the latest water trends, health discoveries and relevant new technologies.

We want you to be able to sort out the hype then make educated and empowered choices.


Click Here to view several videos showing the benefits from drinking alkaline ionized water. Watch while doctors, various health professionals, scientists and consumers talk about this exciting technology.

Click Here to look at some Emco Tech installation DVDs that come with every ionizer sold. These installation DVDs are a service exclusive to our ionizers and make installing your ionizer and getting the best from it easy for anyone to do.

This section of the site is for articles on water ionizers, acid and alkaline balance plus relevent health benefits.

Please check back as we will be updating regularly.

Click Here

At IonLife we often receive heartwarming testimonials from those who have used our water ionizers.
We share some of these in the hope they will help you become inspired to empower your own life and those whom you love.

Original testimonials are held at our offices.


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