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Kangen Water™ Scam?

A few years ago a Japanese based MLM company called Enagic™ began selling alkaline water ionizers in the USA market and also began promoting the unique qualities of what they called Kangen Water™.

Because of much misinformation and claims that AlkaViva ionizers are not as good as more expensive brands - the following article is offered. It is important that when looking for a water ionizer or Kangen Water™ you will be able to make an educated choice without the hype. This will enable you to choose an ionizer that is going to provide years of top quality performance at an honest retail price. The correct information will also help you choose an ionizer company with properly trained water professionals for ongoing support and advice.

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Also please check out the "Why Bigger is Not Better" page Here.

Myths about Kangen Water™

# Myth 1: Water from a AlkaViva ionizer is not as good as Kangen Water™

Reality: There are just three means of measuring the effectiveness of water from a water ionizer.

a) The first way is using laboratories or test kits to see how effective the filter is at removing contaminants and microorganisms. IonWays filters are the finest domestic ionization filters available with 9 stage filtration and are available in both .1M and .01M sizes. Only AlkaViva (through IonWays) gives the option of USA made filters using approved NSF ingredients.

b) The second way is to test the water using a pH meter. This shows how acidic or alkaline the water is.

c) The third way is to test the water with an ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) meter. The more negative the ORP the more ionized the water is and the higher the antioxidant effect.

To prove that Emco Tech water ionizers were top performers we commissioned a full service accredited and independent laboratory to test various new our-of-the-box ionizers including one from Enagic™. The results and video from this testing are shown on a separate website Click Here.

Unfortunately when there are very high prices, there can also be a temptation to justify the difference by creating stories.

Myth 2: Ionized, alkaline water is somehow not the same as Kangen Water™

Reality: In the Japanese language "Kangen" translates as "return to origin" and is simply used as a patented marketing term by Enagic™.

Like any other water ionizer, an Enagic™ makes the same type of alkaline or acid water and contains an ionization chamber, a filter and other parts. Inside the Enagic™ ionization chamber the same basic technology is used to split the water into acid and alkaline streams just like in any other water ionizer.

In other words Kangen Water™, though trademarked, is simply another name for ionized, alkaline water.

The Enagic™ MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company is never-the-less doing a great job of getting this important technology to those who can benefit from it and helping educate people about the importance of pH and alkalization.

# Myth 3: Enagic™ ionizers are much more expensive because they are so much better.

Reality: Please refer to our comparison chart >>> Click Here.

As an example, please check out the AlkaViva Melody Water Ionizer. Priced at just under $1700, the Melody is a proven workhorse that has a number of newer and patented technologies missing in Enagic™ models such as invisible cleaning in background with every use and under-sink installation option with choices of faucet design.

The Enagic™ models are decent ionizers and some other brands are definitely cheap quality and poor performers. But when you have a foreign parent company and up to eight representatives making a high amount of money from every single sale you will get a price that reflects that.

In general MLM "reps" lack a good technical knowledge of the products they sell. There are those exceptions who have decided to really find out first about what they want to sell and some have become AlkaViva dealers as a consequence. But there can also be stories passed on from rep to rep that have no basis in reality. Attending a MLM presentation does not create a water professional able to advise on what is the best solution for each unique situation.

Myth 4: Enagic™ ionizers are the preferred model of choice for those that are experts.

Reality: In the USA, the most published authors on alkalizing all recommend and sell our AlkaViva water ionizers.

These include Dr. Theodore Baroody (Alkalize or Die), Dr. Robert Young (The pH Miracle Series) and Sang Whang (Reverse Aging). All know that in recommending AlkaViva Ionizers they are giving their patents and customers top quality water ionizers at an affordable price plus support from a company that has a 100% satisfaction policy. AlkaViva is also in over 30 countries worldwide and there has support from other experts such as Ian Hamilton (The Untold Truth), Daniel Reed (The Tao of Detox) and Harold Tietze (Youthing).

Emco Tech manufactures all of its ionizing chambers in Japan and is the exclusive supplier to such companies as LG, Samsung, Toyo and Hyundai. Here in the USA Tennant (the largest private manufacturer of cleaning machines in the world) spent over $100,000 researching water ionization companies before choosing Emco Tech technology (and AlkaViva) to supply cells for its next generation chemical free machines. For more information look in our "News" section.

# Myth 5: The Enagic™ company has been selling "Kangen Water™" for over 30 years.

Reality: What changed into the Enagic™ ionizer was originally made by Toyo Metal or Toyo Aitex.

Toyo recently sold the rights to Enagic™ to sell their ionizers. Toyo Metal water ionizers were called the Pure Porte, Apex, or Protec units and these early models were sold for well below $1000 in the USA.. In Japan a company called Thohan Kiden manufactures units like the ones Enagic™ sells but these are sold as retail models and not sold through the Enagic™ MLM.

Myth 6: Kangen Water™ and Enagic™ ionizers have been the only ionizers to be approved

Reality: Back in the 1980s the Japanese Government Health Department declared that water ionizers and alkaline, ionized water (trademarked as Kangen Water™) offered health benefits that had been proven and thereby classified water ionizers as health devices.

There was no mention that Enagic™ units were the ones that were approved.

kangen water ionizers

When comparing Enagic™ ionizers to Emco Tech/ AlkaViva

please consider the following:

Filter Quality:

Enagic™ filters only come as a .1M option in carbon and at a higher price than the superior AlkaViva UltraWater filters that remove virtuially all contaminants to 99.9%.. AlkaViva also offers a .01M filter that is ten times finer than the .1M option.


Modern design:

The latest AlkaViva ionizers are made to look elegant in any kitchen and for those with limited bench space undersink options allow for only a faucet of your design to show above the counter.


Ease of use:

Many new features such as a water flow control knob on the front, smooth turn diverters, voltage regulation giving over 30 pre-set options, color change LED display using latest touch screen technology, optional music and voice prompts etc.



AlkaViva has warehouses on both the East and West coasts plus Canada and caring professionals that are trained to answer your calls and emails. As Alkaviva's leading distributor we offer an extensive range of support products such as remineralizing filters for R.O. systems, anti scaling devices and many types of specialty filters etc.



Unlike Enagic™ models some AlkaViva models can be installed either undersink, above sink or directly to cold water line through counter. Only AlkaViva offers such a comprehensive range of options.


Value for money:

Top quality, honest price, financing options and unbeatable warranty and return policy. Ask Enagic™ what their return policy is to compare.


Latest Patented Technology:

AlkaViva models have many special features that separate them from the rest of the field. This is to be expected from a true manufacturing company that has been in business for over 30 years and that employs over 20 research PhDs

These features include the mesh plating that allows for a higher pH and ORP without having to increase the power input or plate size.

The patented DARC system that is in all the latest Emco Tech models and helps stop scale buildup on the plates.



Only with the latest models from AlkaViva do you always get alkaline water (even when your ionizer is cleaning). With the Enagic™ you have to wait while the unit cleans only once about every 20 liters.



Please check out our comparison tests from an independent certified testing laboratory >>> Here


Manufacturing Standards:

Emco Tech sells over 50,000 units every month and has been involved in water ionization R&D since 1982 (before then they were manufacturing medical equipment). Emco Tech has an advanced ISO 9001 certified plant. For a list of certificates please >>> Click Here



With a return rate of about 1% Emco Tech leads the industry in reliability If by chance you do need to return your unit then under warranty AlkaViva will pay for shipping both ways and also has repair depots in many countries.

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