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Can you tell me what water ionizers you offer?

IonLife, as an authorized AlkaViva (previously IonWays) distributor, offers a better quality range of water ionizers than any other supplier.
This is because AlkaViva is the exclusive international Agent for Emco Tech - the largest manufacturer in Asia since the 1980s.

Currently we offer (from most expensive to least) the Delphi undersink ionizer, Athena, Aquarius, Melody and Venus.

We also can and do provide exclusive private label models.

Can you tell me the dimensions of your ionizers?

Because all AlkaViva/IonLife ionizers use the latest in electronic call technology there is no need to build oversize units. Typically our water ionizers have a footprint of about a toaster and are about one foot tall.
Examples are:
Delphi under sink - 13" tall x 9.75" wide x 5.25" deep
Melody - 13" tall x 10.5" wide x 6" deep
Aquarius - 13.5" tall x 9.75" wide x 5.25"deep
Venus - 14" tall x 10.5" wide x 5" deep

What does DARC cleaning stand for?

DARC stands for Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning and this patented process ensures that the ionizing chamber in your ionizer will remain free from mineral scaling year after year.

The DARC system achieves a 100% effective 1:1 acidic to alkaline cleaning ratio by cleaning while you are making alkaline water - each and every time. This is accomplished by reversing the polarity every 20 seconds. For example, if you run the DARC cell for 40 seconds you get 20 seconds of one polarity and then 20 seconds of reversed polarity. You also never have to wait for, or even think about, cleaning your ionizer.

This feature is available in all our models (except the Venus) and unique to our models. Other brands only do about a 20:1 cleaning ratio which means their cells will build up scale in situations where our cells will not.

The Melody/ Isis employs a very similar and patented automatic post-use self cleaning mechanism - meaning it cleans automatically in the background after each and every use. As effective as the DARC system, this mechanism also provides a much better acidic to alkaline cleaning ratio than other ionizers on the market.

With this patented reversible chamber you never have to wait to get your alkaline water while cleaning - an industry first! This makes these ionisers, the easiest to use ionizers available anywhere and the only ones where you always get the level and type of water you want every time.

Where are your ionizers shipped from?

All AlkaViva USA orders are shipped out of Reno, NV and Canadian orders from Edmonton.
We ship same or next day and offer units in 220V if going international.

What are the shipping methods offered?

IonLife offer both UPS and USPS options. If shipping internationally then we use USPS. We ship all ionizers in the USA insuranced and with signature required.

Shipping prices will show up in your shopping cart if international. We ship free by UPS ground to anywhere in the USA and also ship free in Canada. Once your order is placed you will automatically receive a receipt and UPS tracking number.

You can visit www.ups.com and enter your tracking number to get the day and time of arrival.

Payment Options

I purchased an ionizer with a personal check and have yet to receive my unit, can you tell me why?

IonLife offers many payment options such as cashier's check, money order, credit card or one of the financing options available. When a payment is made with a personal check, we ask that you allow an additional fourteen (14) days upon our receipt of the check for it to clear. Once the check is cleared, we will then ship the unit

Financing Options

Is there financing available?

Yes - due to our size and credibility we offer the most attractive financing plans available in the water ionization business.

For more information please visit http://www.ionlifeionizers.com/financing or Click Here


What is your return policy?

We invite you to try out our new range of IonWsys/ Emco Tech water ionizers. We are so sure that you will be satisfied that we offer you a full 30 day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee. If at any time in the first 30 days you wish to return your unit, we will give you a full refund, less 15% restocking fee, as long as your ionizer is returned in "as new condition" and in its original packing.

"As new condition" means the ionizer is not scratched, damaged or broken in any way and is returned with all the hoses, connectors, parts, manual and DVD etc.

If you have NOT used any product, and NOT broken the manufacturer`s seal on the box, you can return the products within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. The original shipping charges will not be refunded and return shipping charges must be prepaid by the purchaser.
See our Satisfaction Policy Here

When I received my ionizer, the front display panel seemed to have scratches on it, is there any thing I can do to resolve this issue?

The ionizers usually come with a thin film of plastic protecting both the display panel as well as the flow control valve from scratches or damage during shipment. The creased plastic may appear as scratches. You can easily peel off this plastic by using your fingernail or a small instrument to find the edge of the plastic at one of the four corners and peel it off, being careful not to scratch the unit.

My machine appears to be used - it has water in it. What can I do to resolve this?

About one out of every twenty units is taken off the line and fully checked - a unit that comes with a little bit of water in it is not unheard of. These are the units that were taken off the line and checked - these are the units that we know work!

Water Quality

I have well water - are there any precautions I should take before I run the water through the machine?

Yes, please keep this in mind, running your machine on well water without a water report and analysis may compromise your health and can possibly void your valuable warranty - should you incur damage that is from excess iron or other substances sometimes found in well water.

IonLife offers a complete Professional Water Testing Sevice
>>> Please Click Here

Our units are designed to work within specific water quality parameters. If you are on well water, we will need to see a water report so that we can ascertain what, if any, pre-filtration is needed. Some well water will work fine, and some well water will need pre-filtration of some sort; without which the longevity of your ionizer could be compromised.

What should I look for when getting my water tested and what happens if my water has very high levels of TDS, calcium or hardness?

The test we recommend above checks for all you need tested - Fluoride, Chlorine, Nitrates, Nitrites, Coliform, E. Coli, Lead, Arsenic, Iron, Zinc, Boron, Manganese, Copper, Barium, Hardness, TDS, Alkalinity, Sulfates and Silica etc.

If TDS, Iron or Hardness levels are at high end, an ionizer can malfunction. It may not be able to produce a good range of different pH on the various settings.

If water has too much TDS and hardness then to avoid the build-up of scale, we recommend using a water softener and reverse osmosis system with at least a 5-gallon pressure tank plus a remineralization cartridge.

IonLife has its own Reverse Osmosis system which is ideal for treating poor quality water while still providing the essential alkalizing minerals. See `Other Products` in the drop down menu.

What`s the deal with water softeners?

There are basically three types of softeners:

1) Ion exchange
2) Catalytic
3) Magnetic.

The majority of softeners are "ion exchange" softeners. There are various exchange media such as potassium and sodium. The most popular by far are the sodium-based systems. For example, sodium exchange units "softens" the water by exchanging one sodium ion for one calcium ion. Sodium ion exchange softened water (without a Reverse Osmosis) can certainly be altered through ionization as the sodium creates the pathway. But you end up with water that has very little calcium, and elevated levels of sodium. It is important to note that you will not get the benefits of concentrated and beneficial alkaline minerals, which are removed, in the softening process.

Potassium based systems are better because you will get more potassium but you will still lack the beneficial calcium. The elevated levels of exchange ions can also damage or stress the machines over time. IonLife's "official" policy is that ionizers should not be run downstream of a sodium based ion exchange system without also using a RO system. The other types of softeners are fine, but have debatable results in lowering TDS and hardness.

How do I slow the flow on my unit?

To slow the flow to above sink models you can either:

1) Slow the tap water with the faucet to which the diverter is attached.

2) Adjust the control valve on the bottom of the machine.

3) Adjust the flow control valve on the front of the machine (if there is one).

To slow the flow with the Delphi, you can:
1) Adjust the inline flow control valve provided with the machine that should be installed on the water line running to the machine.

If this is not installed, you can also:
2) Adjust the flow from the T Valve provided with the machine that is installed on the plumbing to create a water source. There is a small shut off knob that when turned either opens or closes this valve.

Why might there be a strange odour and odd taste in my water?

In order to find out what might be happening to you water, we recommend that you get in contact with your water department to see if they have recently changed the source of their water, or if they are aware of an algal bloom (or anything else that may cause the water to taste funny). From our experience, strange smelling or funny tasting water has been attributed to an algal bloom in the area. Hope this helps!


How do I know when the filter needs to be changed?

On most models there is a filter life indicator and when this reaches 9,999 then you will know that the filter needs to be changed. On the Delphi, it is time to change the filter when the red filter life indicator reaches to the top of the word, "Purified". Be sure that when you change your filters the water flow to the machineis stopped!
Also all ionziers come with an installationa DVD which simply explains all that will be needed.

What is the cost of the replacement filter?

The costs of the replacement filters are asfollows:
.1M Biostone Plus filter-$79.00
.01M Ultra Biostone filter-$89.00

I ordered a replacement filter, and it won`t fit - how do I replace it?

There are instructions on how to replaceyour filters in the Owners Manual that came with your unit as well as on the Installation DVD. On some models if your filter does not fit, see if the adaptor cup (that fits on the bottom of the filter) has been accidently removed along with the old filter, and replaced in the machine.

How long do the filters last?

The BioStone filters are designed to process approximately 1,000 gallons of treated municipal water. Water being different everywhere, this is a general statement. For a family of four, the typical filter lifespan is 6 - 9 months before it needs to be changed. This will vary depending on the quality of your water and how much is being processed through the machine on a day-to-day basis. Your ionizer will tell you when it is time to change your filter.

My machine is producing low pH levels, what should I do?

There are a few things to consider if your ionizer is having issues with proper pH production.

1. It is important to first know the pH of your tap water in order for you to realize what the machine is doing to your water. For example, if your tap water is testing at a 6.5 pH and the water being produced from the machine is testing at a 7.5 pH at level 1, the machine is doing its job! Remember, each level is ten times more alkaline or acidic than the previous level.

2. Also, keep in mind that the source water is one of three chief variables in determining ionizer performance! Try to slow the flow to your unit. Often times, this will allow the machine to perform better. (See, "How do I Slow the Flow on my Unit?" to do this).

3. With low pH, try testing the unit on a different source of water. It may simply be the source water.

4. Be sure that, if you are testing with the test tubes provided with the unit, that they are rinsed out thoroughly. We have found that if not rinsed out thoroughly, the test tubes may not work effectively.

5. Be sure that you are using the correct method of pH testing. If the reagent drops provided with your unit are old, or if they have become exposed to too much sunlight or heat, they may not work correctly. Try to test a variety of clear liquids to be sure of this. If you are using a pH paper to test the water, keep in mind that most pH paper is used for testing pools, hot tubs, saliva, etc. and are not designed to test our water, because we produce pH outside the range these papers will test. The best method of testing pH is with the provided pH drops (or a calibrated pH meter).

6. Ensure that the acid waste hose has water coming out of it. Some acid hoses are kinked when they are packaged - this will cause water to back up into the water cell neutralizing the pH coming out of the alkaline spout. Also, be sure that the acid hose is running down hill.

Trouble Shooting

I`ve noticed that the flow on my machine has become significantly less.Can I do anything to fix this?

Yes, there are a few things that you can try to adjust the flow from your machine.

1. Check the flow control valve on the bottom of the machine. On the Melody, for example, there is a small round silver knob on the bottom of the machine that needs to be open counter clockwise. On the Delphi, for example, check the inline flow control valve that is included with the machine should be installed on the water line to the machine. It is fully open when the handle is in line with or parallel to thewater line.

2. Check the supply line for blockage. To do this, turn the water to the machine off, and remove the water line at the water inlet fitting. Then, holding onto the water line, turn the water on and see if there is a strong flow. Also make sure that the input water line is not bent. This applies to all models.

3. For all the above counter models, unscrew the stainless flex hose, and blow through it to make sure it is not obstructed. If this is the problem, you might have mineral build-up, and pre-filtration will be recommended to keep this from happening in the future.

Soaking the items in vinegar will clear up the obstruction temporarily, but there will be build-up inside the machine as well, itmust be understood that our warrantee does not cover damage from hard water. To ensure a long life and good water quality the best option is to have us evaluate your water and follow our recommendations for pre-filtration. IonLife does provide an inline scale remover that keeps your ionizer clean from calcium build-up.

How low can the water pressure go before the unit will shut off?

Most tap water works with about 60 psi, while our ionizers will work with as little as 10 psi. The only downfall is that the flow is so slow that on alkaline level one, a person will get an awesome pH reading of 9.5 or higher. They will not see the variance that you normally do.


I have water leaking from the hose connections on my unit, what should I do?

First, ensure that all of the hoses are installed correctly. You may want to try re-installing them. On thin white hoses with John Guest fittings you should be able to give a firm tug; the hose should stay in the fitting. On the thicker gray hoses, the hose should be on the fitting all the way to the back of the fitting (not partially over the fitting). Ensure clamps are used and fittings are not broken or cracked. If the water is leaking at a John Guest fitting, the end of the hose in the fitting may need to be trimmed; sometimes an uneven cut can cause leaking.

There is water leaking at the top and/or bottom of the filter inside my machine, what should I do?

First, remove the filter and properly replace it so it is fits snugly in space at the top and bottom. If still leaking, inspect the gaskets on the filter and the adaptor cup. If the filter adaptor cup is involved, try to put a little Vaseline on the 'o' rings on the top and bottom of the cup to seal better. If you wish, we can send to you a replacement ring or cup.

Also, check the calcium basket to see if it is installed correctly. There is a cap on the calcium basket that must be removed. Sometimes, one might accidentally put the basket in upside down. Check because the basket will not fit into the top if the cap is not removed. This creates a blockage of water flow and will usually cause the filter to pop up and start leaking. So if you have exhausted all other possibilities, check this and see if the calcium basket is installed correctly.

The divertor on my facuet is leaking. Can you help me?

Well, try to remove the diverter, add Teflon plumbers tape to the threads and reinstall. You may also try to put in a new washer to stop the leak.

There is leakage from the flex hose at the top of my ionizer, what should I try to do to fix it?

Try to remove and replace to reseat the gasket. You can also try Teflon plumbers tape on the threads. Do not over tighten. If this does not help then ask us to send you a new hose or gasket.

No Power

My unit will not power on. What can I do?

Double check to be sure that the power switch on the back of the machine is in the "On" position. Be sure that the source water is turned on - water needs to be running through the machine for it to stay on.

Also be sure that no hot water is running through the machine, and that there is good water pressure to the machine; low water pressure will not wake up the unit. You may also want to check and replace the fuse if burnt, and ensure that machine is plugged into a proper power sourcew. You may want to try plugging the machine into an outlet that you are certain works. Check that the circuit breaker for the room the machine is in, is not tripped, and be sure that the machine is not plugged into an extension cord with no ground plug; this can cause the machine to not power on. If your machine is installed under sink, make sure an on/off switch does not control the outlet and if it is, make sure that the switch is on.

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