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Happy IonLIfe Wholesalers Speak Out

(All testimonials volunteered without any reward or payment)

High Quality, Dependability and Durability

We have featured the Emco Tech (Jupiter Science) Water Ionizers for almost 15 years. Our experience with IonLife has always been excellent. We have always found the staff to be professional and very supportive.

The orders are handled promptly and delivery time is exceptional. On those rare occasions when we have problems, the Customer Service and the Technical Support Departments have been very prompt in helping us resolve any issue.

And I particularly like the wide selection of models available from IonLife. It gives our customers a wider price range and more features to select from. In the years we have marketed the IonLife products we have always found them to be of high quality, dependability and durability."

Ron Nicklaw MBA, CNC, President, Fern`s Nutrition, Huntington Beach, CA

Number One Water Ionizer Company ...Hands Down

"My name is Dean Snyder, and I am the owner of SnyderHealth.com, a web site dedicated to the alkaline diet lifestyle. The site`s main goal is to teach folks how to begin to eat and live better! and in turn, how to be healthier and happier. One of the main tools that I sell on my site to accomplish this goal is an alkaline water ionizer. Popularized in Asia decades ago water ionizer technology has grown in acceptance all over the world, and sales of water ionizers are beginning to really boom for us, and for the health market in general.

In order to provide my visitors with the latest technology, the most reliable ionizers on the market, at the best price, and with the greatest customer and warranty support it was important for me to understand ionization technology in detail, and to take a hard look at all of the emerging ionizer companies in the market and evaluate them one by one. After all of the research, after weighing the pros and cons, we have decided that Emco tech machines with the Japenese plating systems were going to serve our customers best, and be the best business choice for SnyderHealth.

We starting selling Jupiter Science (Emco Tech) machines since David Forsyth, owner of IonLife, began to lay the foundation for what is now arguably the number one water ionizer company in North America - hands down.

IonLife has grown over the years, and has gone through many growing pains as a result of the explosion of ionizer demand. As the demand for water ionizers has accelerated, IonLIfe has expanded its capability and manpower to deal with MY growing demands as an Emco Tech dealer.

I have been offering the best customer support possible because I have the best dealer support from IonLife. I offer the best machines on the market, and I never have to second guess that fact.

I am a perfectionist, and I expect no less from the companies I deal with. IonLife has always been there, bending over backwards, to help me help my customers. They always go the distance for me and I have to tell you that nobody puts them to the test on a daily basis more than I. No matter how frantic I get, no matter how hard I push, no matter how much I demand of these guys they always come through for me. Now THATS a business I can grow with.

I am one of the top Jupiter Science dealers in the market today!- and I couldn`t have done it without David Forsyth, the entire hard working staff at IonLife, and the outstanding product line. Thanks a million guys!" *Be the change you wish to see"

Dean Snyder, SnyderHealth.com

Exceptional Customer Support ... No Downside

"IonLife, (whatever you need to call it) is one of the best in the game. As a dealer, I have experienced nothing but exceptional customer support for both me and my clients. They always ship out in a timely manner, and if something is on backorder I get immediately notified upon purchase, which I love. Their office hours are convenient and their staff is easy to get in touch with. There is absolutely no downside to becoming a dealer of their company and they get my highest recommendation."

Noah Tyrrell, Co-Owner Ionizer Oasis, http://www.ionizeroasis.com

Always Feel Very Well Taken Care Of

"Since I became a dealer in 2008, I have greatly enjoyed the customer service department, and the technical support department. I find I get my questions answered, and always feel very well taken care of. I know I can hook up a customer to the Tech Support people, and they will also get their concerns taken care of. They are quite knowledgeable, and stay with any situation until it is resolved."

Dr. Nancy Turner, D.C.

Only Have Positive Comments"

"If you are thinking about purchasing an Alkaline Ionized Water system, them I would recommend the Jupiter Water Systems. I have had years of arthritic pain, acid reflex and lack of energy. By drinking water produce from the Jupiter Water System (Melody) I have resolve these health challenges.

I have also been a IonLife dealer since 2007 and only have positive comments about the company's products, customer service and technical support. IonLife backs-up their products and you can always depend on them to response quickly to a customer or dealer for questions or concerns."

Michael Lofrano, phconnection.com

IonLife is the One Company ... to be Part Of

"After being a successful Ionlife dealer for almost 4 years, I have become seasoned in the water ionizer business. Of course like any business it is multi-faceted both in marketing and customer service. Ionlife has excelled at both always striving to excel and to promote on a positive note Jupiter Science (Emco Tech) water ionizers.

Countless times we have had customers complain of their negative customer service experiences with other water ionizer companies. Other obvious issues have been the negative and sometimes misleading campaigns other brand organizations have taken. We have spent countless hours talking to thousands of people and of course our own satisfied customers. There can only be one conclusion: IonLife is the one company you want to be part of!

Combining innovative and progressive technology in a wide array of pricing with rapid fulfillment of orders backed by customer service and staff that is professional and thorough; equals success!
Need I say more?"

Tom Nayman, Owner: IonMicrowater LLC

NO Complaints about the Emco Tech Products

"My name is Jim and a friend referred me to IonLife. I had never heard about ionized water or the machines before then. After my first year I was amazed. I received NO complaints about the Jupiter Science products that I had sold. I had never worked in any industry with so few or no complaints about the products!

I then decided to work harder at sales the next few years. I have since sold well over 100 ionizers and almost 100% of my customers are happy with me and my products. Needless to say, I am very happy with the hardworking staff at IonLife and their commitment to keeping my customers very happy with their decision to purchase from me!"

Jim Campbell, Florida

Leader in Quality and Performance

"When Better Water Store started looking at carrying water ionizers we looked at various brands and came to the clear conclusion that the Jupiter brand of water ionizers is the leader in quality and performance and price.
The next part of a successful business equation is distributor support. Ionlife has been a great partner for us. Their drop shipping of product allows us to carry very little stocking inventory and their commitment to get the order out that same day is congruent with our companies policies. They also run great monthly contests on sales volume which adds some fun to sales.

Tech support has been extremely helpful. Just recently we had a customer call us frantic that their diverter value wasn't working and they were without ionized water. IonLife send out a replacement under warranty for free, and two days later the customer calls us thanking us for the quick response and that the new part was even an updated version. Their dealer website makes ordering a snap.

Overall, we been extremely happy with our experience with IonLife and highly recommend them!"

Jay Cunningham, Better Water Store

A God Send

"Our Jupiter Melody has been a God send!!! My son and I work with a Ministry called Restoration Ranch we take the machine up there and fill the water bottles every two days. There are about 35 men ages starting at 22 yrs to 60 yrs old they are alcoholics and drug users which the court has sent to the ranch as a last resort before sending them to prison.

However the miracle of the detoxing water is that I hear reports from the men that they sleep thru the night, their muscles are not cramping up, head aches have disappeared, sugar cravings have diminished or completely gone away, tremors in the nerves have subsided, and what I have heard the most is that those who were depressed are acting some what normal they can actually keep their focus on the good things of life and there is much more.

These things are happening in just several days using the water ..."

Woody and Carol

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