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Compare Water Ionizers

Don`t just buy the Features. Buy the Value!
We want you to make an educated choice and have assembled essential information to help you
determine the best water ionizer for your budget and needs.

JP107 Venus
Most Affordable
JP104 Melody
Great Value - User Friendly
AlkaViva Athena
Simply the Best of the Best
AlkaViva Ultra-Delphi
Dedicated Undersink Model
Alkaline Range

Alkaline pH 8.0 - 10.00*


Alkaline pH 8.0 - 11.00*

Alkaline pH 8.0 - 11.00*
Acidic Range

Acid pH 4.0 - 6.0
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ORP Range

ORP -250 to -400 (tested to over -800 ORP)
ORP -250 to -850 ORP -300 to -850 ORP -300 to -850
Cleaning Frequency

Cleans after every 10 liters
Cleans after every use in background - feature patented in IonWays models check check
Filter Type

Comes standard with the best filtration on market - the UltraWater filter. See details Here.
Only UltraWater can remove 99.9% of most contaminants.
A .01M filter is also available to help with micro-organisms.
Contaminant Removal

YES - The USA Manufactured UltraWater filter removes virtually all contaminants to 99.9%

Diverter that comes with the unit at purchase. Attaches to kitchen or bathroom faucet. Can also be attached to a gooseneck faucet or direct to water line below counter.

Exclusive top of line dedicated undersink ionizer. Able to fully control ionizer through touch panel on above-counter tower.
Under Counter Option?

Yes with purchase of adaptor kit.
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The Venus is a solid, reliable unit that comes with the latest technology from the world`s leading manufacturer. It has many nice features including automatic cleaning, state of the art electronics, patented polymer ion separation technology, biostone filter plus touch screen and water control knob. Exceptional value and backup support from an exceptional company.

Also the only model available with true one-touch operation (if installed direct to cold water - you just hit Power).
Guaranteed to be one of the most reliable and durable ionizers on the market. And in all ways one of the most user friendly and superior models available. at an exceptional price.

The Melody was by far the most popular retail ionizer sold last year outside Asia. As well as offering all the features of the other above counter models the Melody has the patented ability to allow the user to continue collecting alkaline water even while the unit is self-cleaning

Able to be installed as an undersink model with the purchase of a conversion kit. See examples of differnt quality faucets in drop down menu.
State of the art electronics and patented polymer ion separation technology. Very user friendly with proven reliability and durability - ask us why. ORP has been tested to over -800 (an industry record).

Arguably the most elegant water ionizers available in the West and the first not to be designed for the Asian market.
As well as having all that Melody offers, the Athena offer new mesh coating on their cells giving even stronger ionization without the need to use larger or more plates plus a dual filter system.

Automatic flow adjustments ensure same pH levels even under different water conditions plus the patented DARC system eliminates mineral scaling protecting your ionizer`s long term performance. As with other Jupiter models there is a lifetime warranry and two months return policy.

All the features of the Melody but in a dedicated under-sink format.

The Venus is well worth the money. It replaces the Micolite (on market 5 years) and has the features that earlier models do not have - a better filter, stronger ionized water, modern features, fully-automatic cleaning and impeccable, updated technology.

If you are looking for the best value ionizer with all the necessary basic features then the Venus is the way to go.
Very user-friendly push buttons and quality design.

If you are shopping for the best value, hign-end ionizer available then the Melody is for you. This unit sells for over $US 2,000 in Japan.
Enjoy the exceptional filtering capacity, and constant alkaline water even when cleaning. Uses the most advanced patented output technology witn fully featured LED display and micro-technology.

Can be connected to faucet or directly plumbed. High quality finish upgraded in 2007. The Melody is simply excellent in all ways and we believe it is the best value water ionizer available, regardless of higher prices charged for inferior ionizers elsewhere.
Also available as undersink model using adaptor kit (not included).

If you shop for and expect the best of the best then the Athena is for you. Same quality Emco Tech technology inside - different look outside. Enjoy the exceptional filtering and constant alkaline water even when it is cleaning. Has all that other models on market offer plus much more.

Outside a distinct high quality finishe to suit any kitchen. Inside the same quality technology with dueal filters. We guarantee you will not find a better above-sink ionizer anywhere, regardless of price. This is why Emco Tech models continue to lead in sales and popularity.

No compartison when it comes to style and performance.
All the benefits of the Melody but in a dedicated undersink ionizer.
Other Info

Year Introduced 2009



Discount Retail
Price and Shipping
Lifetime Warrantycheck check check check
Filter Cost $119.95 UltraWater
$89 .01M
$119.95 UltraWater
$89 .01M
$119.95 UltraWater
$89 .01M
$119.95 UltraWater
$89 .01M
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