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A Buying Guide and Checklist
What to look for when Investing in a Water Ionizer.

Getting Started with Water Ionizers
All you need to know to make an educated choice.

Water Ionizer Comparison Site
Only site with Unbiased Results from different Ionizer brands done by a Certified Independent Laboratory.

Comparing different Water Ionizer brands
A fair although biased look at our models compared to other main brands.

Comparing different Water Ionizer brands
Another page with more of same.

Comparing Emco Tech/ AlkaViva Water Ionizers
glass Helps to show difference in models in easy to read chart.

What Others are Saying
Quotes from well-known health `Experts` in USA on benefits of using a water ionizer.

Kangen Ionizers Discussed and some Myths Exposed
glass Explains the term Kangen and discusses the company.

Why Bigger is not Better (when it comes to ionizers)
What some importers do not want you to know.

Distilled Water
Early Death comes from Drinking Distilled Water.

Dr. Emoto and Ionized Water
Dr. Emoto tests an AlkaViva ionizer and creates a Special Crystal.

Alkaline Water Applications
Alkaline Water is good for Drinking and ...?

How Alkaline, Ionized Water affects the Stomach`s pH.
Sang Whang explains from an Holistic Viewpoint.

Our Toxic Drinking Water

Benefits from Using a Chlorine Shower Filter
A small investment gives a major benefit.

Beware of Ionizer Comparison Sites
What to look for when sorting out fact from fiction.

Our Drugged Drinking Water
Water is not created equal.

How Alkaline, Ionized Water helps Animals.
Animals do not respond to placebos.

What maintains Healthy Cells?

How Acidic Wastes affect the pH Balance

Acid Water Applications
Some Interesting uses for Acid Waste Water

Effect of Alkaline Diet on Antiaging
Why alkalizing foods can help in "reverse aging.php".

Vitalize and Alkalize
How to benefit from drinking Alkaline, Ionized Water.

How to Avoid Dehydration.
What causes dehydration - symptoms and remedies.

Weight Loss and Water
Why it is Important to Drink plenty of Healthy Water when Dieting.

The Importance of pH Balance
What is pH Balance and how to Help Develop this.

Neutralize your Soda Drinking Habit with Alkaline Water.
Soda Drinks are highly Acidic - so how about some Alkaline Water?

What is Alkaline, Ionized Water and what is pH?
A brief explanation of Alkaline, Ionized Water.

Plastic Bottles and Alkaline Water
Why create Plastic Bottle Waste when Alkaline, Ionized Water is a better alternative?

The Safest Approach to Reverse Aging
The cleansing and reverse-aging process can be performed and accomplished in two simple steps.

The Amazing Properties of Tourmaline
Why Tourmaline is used in the filters in Ionways ionizers.

Treating Allergies Naturally
Simple ways to help with this issue

The Best in Non-Electric Filters/Ionizers
When you need both ideal fiiltration and alkalinity

How to Clean your Water Ionizer if using very Hard Water

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