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Alkaline Animals
How High pH Water Can Benefit Your Pets/ Livestock

Research has proven that ionized alkalized water (structured water) is very beneficial for humans; you can imagine what it can do for your pets and livestock!  Veterinarians and pet owners alike have seen the benefits that alkalized ionized water offers, and believe that an alkaline animal is a healthy animal.  When testing this kind of water in a scientific setting the results can only be tainted by the human mind by something known as the placebo effect. This isn`t true with animals, when feeding ionized alkalized water to pets and other livestock populations, the placebo effect is not a factor. If you are testing a product such as this on animal populations, it either works or it doesn`t work...end of story.

alkaline animals

Even though specific tests on all species of animals have not been performed, most of the preliminary research was done on animal populations. This research validated the use of alkaline water for pets in the reduction of stillbirths, increased fertility rates, elimination of intestinal pathogens, and the reduction and elimination of certain types of tumors and other forms of cancer in animal populations.

Drinking structured water is one of the best prophylactic ways to maintain good health that is available today; whether you are human or an animal. Some of the benefits that you will notice when providing alkaline for your pets and/or livestock will include: skin itchiness and dryness will be relieved, their fur will be shinier, smoother and softer, they will have fresher breath and their feces and urine will not be as potent smelling. If you raise dairy animals, there will be an increase in their fertility rates, and milk production will increase as will the quality.

Even the acidic water that the ionizers produce is useful in helping to treat and to kill pathogens and insect pests, fungal and bacterial skin conditions, acidic water even works on skin abrasions and cuts!

Alkaline water is a tremendous overall antioxidant product that you can feed your furry friends to keep them healthy.

In Asia, the use of this type of technology and its benefits are well known.  It has gotten to the point where alkaline water is used in place of tap water as the sole source of water for dairy cows on many farms.

Below you will find a synopsis of the benefits (provided by individual farms) that structured water has to offer, as reported by a group of large animal veterinarians.

Dairy Farm: Shikawa Ranch
Location: Momembetsu, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. T. Shikawa

1. There was a noticeable improvement in the quality of the milk.
2. Despite the high temperature during the summer months, the milk output had  increased dramatically. During the previous summer months, milk output had declined.

Dairy Farm: Takahashi Ranch
Location: Notsuke, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. Takahashi.

1. The sickness rate was considerably reduced.

Dairy Farm: Kasahara Ranch
Location: Nomura, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. G. Kasahara

1. The milk output had increase from 7,000kg o 8,900kg or an increase of 27%.
2. The use of the alkaline water had instilled a preventive approach to the overall health condition of the dairy cow in lieu of reactive medical means.
The overall health condition of the herd had improved dramatically.

Dairy Farm: Yamamoto Ranch
Location: Amashio, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. M. Yamatani

1. The milk output had increased from 317 tons to 393 tons or an increase of 24%.
2. The cow became fertile with one month of giving birth.
3. There was a substantial reduction to the number of veterinary visits.
4. There was a noticeable increase in their appetites.

Dairy Farm: Aikawa Ranch
Location: Akan, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. M. Aikawa

1. The odors that are normally present in the urine and excrements were dramatically reduced.
2. The birthrate was considerably increased by the increase in fertility rate and the minimizing of stillborn calves.
3. There was a dramatic increase in milk production.
4. This farm is utilized as a model ranch in the use of alkaline water.

Dairy Farm: Yamatani Ranch
Location: Kamikawa, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. M. Yamatani

1. The quality and quantity of the milk has improved considerably.
2. Considerably minimized the sickness rate of each cow.
3. Minimized diarrhea conditions.
4. An overall improvement was noted in every aspect of the dairy cow equating to better economic conditions.

Dairy Farm: Fukagawa Ranch
Location: Joro, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. E. Fukagawa

1. There was a substantial reduction to the number of veterinary visits.
2. Reduced the swelling rate of the cows legs.
3. Reduced the rate of external wounds caused by suction cups.

Dairy Farm: Sudo Ranch
Location: Munetani, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. M. Sudo

 NOTE: Unlike other dairy farms, this farmer had discontinued the use of alkaline water to measure the effects of returning to normal tap water.
The following were the effects that were noted:
1.The strong odors associated with cow excrements had returned after a period of time; when the foul odor had been eliminated through the consumption of alkaline water.
2.The sheen that was once present on the cows had disappeared and the hair had returned to a lackluster condition.
3.The frequency of diarrhea had increased.
4.Weakness was noticed in the cows legs as opposed to the strengthening of the cows legs during the use of alkaline water.

Dairy Farm: Ueda Ranch
Location: Akan, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. T. Ueda

1. The fortified calcium through the electrolysis water has strengthened the legs of the cows.
2. Due to the dramatically-improved health conditions, the quality of the milk has improved.
3. In the long run, the use of alkali water is a totally economical approach to the dairy industry.

Dairy Farm: Okura Ranch
Location: Asahi-kawa, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. Y. Okura

1. The alkaline water has produced healthier cows.
There were no changes to the diet or the environment but the cows became healthier.
2. Increased their monthly sales by $20,000.00 through increased milk output.
(NOTE: There were no other comparative numbers provided to determine the actual increase in productivity levels.)

Dairy Farm: Hamanasu Ranch
Location: Mombetsu, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. S. Nakagawa.

1. The coloring of the udder became extremely healthy.
2. In result of alkaline water consumption and it`s natural healing ability, the amount of injury to the udder had diminished.
3. The milk output has increased by 800 kg per cow.


Aside from the above, the following opinions were noted by the veterinarians:

1. A noticeably increased appetite; no new supplements were added to their diet.
    Increase in appetite noted in older cows also.
2. Well digested foods.
3. A beautiful sheen on the cows hair.
4. Higher fertility rate; higher pregnancy rate.
5. A new-born calf exposed to alkaline water matures quicker.
6. A dramatic increase in milk production.
7. Improved liver condition.
8. Strengthened legs.
9. Minimizing of sicknesses; tremendously improved health condition.
10. No adverse conditions noted with the consumption of alkaline water. Lesser visits made by veterinarians.

In general, the following measurable conditions were noted:

1. An increase in milk output by 18% - 28%.
2. A notable improvement in the quality of milk.
3. Elimination of strong feces and urine odors.
4. Healthier skin condition.
5. Minimized injury to the udder.
6. Decrease in diarrhea cases.
7. Strengthening of the legs.
8. Increased appetite.
9. Able to reduce mineral supplements normally added to the feed.
10. Due to an improved health condition coupled with stronger legs,
extended the productive life span of the cows.
11. Improved the fertility rate and reduced still births in new-born calves.


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