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Our Commitment

safe shopping network
  • If not totally satisfied without 30 days then return your ionizer for a refund.
  • In first 5 year if any repair is needed under warranty we will pay for shipping both ways in the USA and Canada.
  • We will respond to your email or phone call at the latest within 2 days (usually within minutes).

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About IonLife

Welcome to the 'Who Are We' section.

IonLife started in Maui, Hawaii over 10 years ago exclusively selling Emco Tech (also called Jupiter Science) water ionizers plus low speed juice extractors along with various heath books. The business name then was Allorganic and orders were mainly sent from a warehouse in Connecticut.

AlkaViva Reno staff

Then in 2006 the name was changed to IonLife Inc and finally in 2010 IonLife merged its dealer network into AlkaViva. Now IonLife is an authorized AlkaViva distributor. AlkaViva is the North American exclusive importer of Emco Tech water ionizers.

Emco Tech, as the world's largest manufacturer of water ionizers, has an ISO9001 certified production plant that can produce well over 100,000 quality ionizers a month. They also provide OEM manufacturing for globally recognized businesses in Japan and Korea such as LG, Samsung, Toyo, and Hyundai.

All of our the ionizing chambers (the heart of the ionizer) are manufactured in Emco`s Japan factory. At their Japanese research department, Emco Tech employs about 20 Engineers with Doctorates to ensure your ionizer will continue to out-perform and out-last inferior brands. Emco Tech is a true manufacturer - making their own ionizing chambers. Most of competitors import theirs from other companies in either China or Taiwan. This lack of technological efficiency is why other ionizer assemblers need to use larger plates and use more power.

Emco Tech`s quality control, advanced research and honest pricing is why we sell so many ionizers in the USA. (Look at the number of businesses that promote Emco Tech (Jupiter) water ionizers when you do a search on the internet). We only use the highest quality Platinum (at over $1200 a ounce) and Titanium - while some companies use cheap mixes.

Two of the best examples cutting edge Research and Development, are our patented mesh technology (copied by many) and the DARC cleaning system. Emco has managed to keep the plate size small while increasing the pH and ORP - without having to use more electricity. The patented DARC system ensures the best possible cleaning to protect your investment and keep your ionizer producing these results over time.

IonLife's commitment to you is to only offer products that work at a fundamental level and that are of excellent quality and great value.
To this end, we continue to research and test many new products as they become available. Only products that we have found to promote a healthy lifestyle in a safe and positive way are offered for sale. We also offer you a no-questions-asked 30 day return policy if not fully satisfied. That our customer satisfaction is second to none can be verified by clicking on the Better Business Bureau logo on this page (we have the highest A+ ranking).

We challenge you to find better prices anywhere. By working directly with AlkaViva, we can pass on big savings and loyalty rewards to you, our valued customer.

You orders will ship from AlkaViva warehouses in both the USA and Canada to make sure your items arrive quickly. Our qualified and caring consultants are available to give ongoing support and service.

Whether you are buying in the USA or Canada or internationally, whether you are a retail customer or would like to sell ionizers - IonLife can take care of your needs!

Better Business Bureau

IonLife is a 100% USA owned business that leads the water ionization industry with superior products, customer education and support and after-sales service. Member Green Business Bureau We are proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (click on the BBB logo) and are working hard to be a green company. We do this by using recyclable cartons and other eco-friendly products plus by reducing the carbon footprint in our offices and warehouse. We also pay $2 extra for every ionizer sent in the US to help offset the carbon footprint.
What we are not is some one-man show hidden behind a fancy website without concern for facts or what may happen in the future.

IonLife's Mission, Vision and Values:

Our mission, values, and vision are the guiding pillars of IonLife. These outline who we are, what we are working to achieve, and the principles we uphold. They keep us synergized in working toward the same goals. Everything we do is inspired by our enduring MISSION:

  • To provide education and health - to help achieve vitality and wellness in our global environment
  • To inspire pro-activism - in the provision of a raised global awareness for a higher quality of life
  • To ALWAYS create and make a positive difference - everywhere we engage

To ensure momentum of our MISSION we have established a VISION with defined goals:

  • People - fostering a work environment where people can be passionate in their work and have the freedom and creativity to synergize and create
  • Partners and Affiliates - Nurturing a stellar network of partners and affiliates who share common goals and work every day to achieve global betterment
  • Planet - Being more than responsible and working hard to make a difference
  • Profit - The support to increase and grow efforts for improved global health

Our MISSION and VISION are complemented by balance in our VALUES to ensure that we are guided as a company and as individuals.
IonLife values high-integrity products and practices of universal value that support and sustain the following:

  • Optimal levels of human health and wellness
  • Absolute customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Mutual success of IonLife employees, dealers, business partners, affiliates, and customers
  • The expression of our natural right to experience life in general, and business in particular as fun, pleasant and rewarding
  • Support of charitable causes that benefit mankind and our planet

IonLife's Background


We prefer to be known as a health-conscious family working toward improving the health and wellness of all we meet.

One fun challenge for IonLife has been to keep the friendliness and transparency of a small business while creating specialist and management positions to grow alkaline ionized water evangelization.

IonLife through AlkaViva has been very fortunate in working with amazingly dedicated and well qualified health and water professionals plus having a staff that shares the vision to create a healthier and more caring world.

We prefer to be known as a health-conscious family working toward improving the health and wellness of all we meet.

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For Domestic Water Ionizers, Whole Home Systems, Filtration, Water Testing, Well and Hard Water Solutions.

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Head Office USA: 452 E. Silverado Ranch Blvd. #205, Las Vegas, NV 89183-6207

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Other Countries: Please contact Head Office.
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