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IonLife, Inc., Water Filtration and Purification Equipment, Reno, NV
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Watch EPA Test Results

Tests prove you do NOT need
7 or 9 plate ionizers
AlkaVivawater ionizer plate size

Find out why Bigger is NOT Better

Why do our ionizers continue to outperform other brands?
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Compare Water Ionizers

Compare to other brands Here
And Here to compare AlkaViva models.

Video water ionizers

Water Ionizer Certificates.

Main Certificates from Emco Tech
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Welcome to IonLife - an authorized AlkaViva (IonWays) Distributor.
Let our ionizer knowledge and service WOW you!

Why Buy from us?

Four simple words:
What sets us apart is our track record in the industry, our customer service and the product selection we offer.

buy water ionizer We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and have more years and experience selling water ionizers than anyone else in North America!
Our WQA Water Certified staff can help you with all your water needs from reverse osmosis (with remineralizing filters), to filters for your shower.

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Read about the IonLife Advantage

Our ionizers will outperform the competition no matter the size, number of plates, power - or price. We guarantee it! Watch the only US government certified analytical lab test Here and see for yourself!


Getting Started? Confused?

Let us help you make sense out of the tangled web of information and make an intelligent, value conscious choice ...

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Vesta GL 9 PLate Water Ionizer

Vesta GL 9 plate water ionizer
  • Emco Tech Design
  • Ultimate in Features
  • Premium Dual Filtration
  • 9 Plates of Power

NEW AlkaViva UltraWater Filters

ionWays UltraWater Filters
  • USA Manufactured
  • 99.99% Toxin Removal
  • Certified Test Results
  • Best on Market
  • Enjoy clean AND healthy water

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